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Philippine Green Pages

The Philippine Green Pages (PGP) is the first and only eco-resource publication for finding the best green business, products and services offered in the market. It would be the most comprehensive listing of producers, distributors and suppliers, which are selected for their green attributes and in practicing sustainable business practices.

Established in 2008, Philippine Center for Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development, Inc. (PCEPSDI) is the administrator of the National Ecolabeling Programme-Green Choice Philippines (NELP-GCP) whose main mission is to guide the Filipino society in choosing which local products and services that poses the minimum risks to environmental health and welfare.

Company Goals


The objective of the Philippine Green Pages is to provide a product-identified directory of environment-friendly products and services which can serve as a consumer guide to institutional purchasers and individuals. 

Specific Goals


We are a non-government organization that promotes the preservation and conservation of the environment through initiatives and programmes on environmental education, advocacy and research, ecological governance and development works encouraging public participation towards a sustainable society. 


A sustainable society characterized by ecologically aware people, healthy environment, and progressive economy.

Our Expertise

• Environmental Labelling & Declaration

• Green Procurement & Greening the Supply Chain

• Sustainable Consumption & Production Tools

• Life Cycle Assessment

• Green Business

• Climate Change Mitigation & Adaptation

• GHG Accounting

• Sustainability Reporting

• Environmental System Management

What We Do

• Development of Ecolabelling criteria for green products

• Certification of eco-friendly products

• Organize green exhibits

• Conduct of green business seminars

• Life Cycle Assessment Trainings

• Green Procurement and Capacity Building

• Technical Working Groups Membership

• Technical assistance on Sustainability & Corporate  Social Responsibility

Green Choice Philippines

The National Ecolabelling Programme – Green Choice Philippines (NELP-GCP) is one of the country’s initiatives to exercise the fundamentals of sustainable development. It aims to change the behavioral patterns in consumption and production that tend to misuse, abuse, and degrade our environment.

This voluntary third-party environmental declaration, which is guided by principles and procedures of ISO 14024, gained its legal footing when Republic Act 9003, “The Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000,” was signed by Her Excellency President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. RA 9003 states under Article 4, Section 27 that “the Department of Trade and Industry shall formulate and implement a coding system for packaging materials and products to facilitate waste recycling and reuse”.

NELP-GCP envisions that environment friendly products or services are being produced and distributed in the country.

NELP-GCP has granted the Seal of Approval to green products under the categories of laundry detergent, cement, natural infill material, engine oil, ceramic tile, water-based paint, LED light, paper hand towel, tissue papers, induction lamp, electronic ballast, organic liquid disinfectant, fiber cement board and photocopier. Also, the programme has developed and approved the environmental criteria for certain products and services, including tissue paper products, household batteries, engine oils, printing and writing paper products, crayons, fire extinguishers, cement, fluorescent lamps, electronic ballasts, paints, writing instruments, paper envelopes, paper boards, inkjet and toner cartridges, desktop and laptop computers, multifunction printing devices, printers, photocopiers, facsimile machines, liquid disinfectants, bath soaps, hair shampoos, fiber cement board, liquid dishwashing products and food services.

NELP-GCP also recognized the need to organize a group that would promote and patronize eco-labelled products and services. The members of said group will serve as the warm bodies who would create the demand for environmentally preferable products and rally behind the creation and enforcement of green purchasing policies.

Ecolabelling and green purchasing, as fundamental tools in influencing the patterns of production and consumption, must be sustained as these are among the key steps towards the path of green business practices.

Green Products

Green-products are environment-conscious products. They refer to finished products to make a clear differentiation from green-materials and green-components. Green-products include products that help clean the environment and products with high performance, yet create a low environmental impact. The first stage of green-product development is the design of the green-products, called green-design. Green-design proceeds in detail based on three product evaluation points:

  1. Effective and efficient use of materials,
  2. Energy saving, and
  3. Toxicity.


The characteristics of green-products are more or less determined during the design stage, and evaluation results are therefore crucial.*

Green-products include products in which no further processing is needed. These are finished products which are technically ready-to-use. Some examples are office equipment, office buildings that are engineered using environmental-friendly construction method.

National Ecolabelling Programme-Green Choice Philippines (NELP-GCP)

The National Ecolabelling Programme-Green Choice Philippines (NELP-GCP) through its administrator the Philippine Center for Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development, Inc (PCEPSDI) and in partnership with the Development Academy of the Philippines, in its mission promote green purchasing and production in the country will publish the first and only PHILIPPINE GREEN PAGES .

Adopted from the ECO-PRODUCTS DIRECTORY , this local version will feature product-specific information for green purchasing:

  •   Environmental performance
  •   Product performance
  •   Life cycle analysis
  •   Environmental label (based on ISO 14024 guidelines)

In addition, this directory will also present the ENVIRONMENTAL PROGRAMS of different companies which are all engaged in Green Business.

Similar to the ECO-PRODUCTS DIRECTORY, the PHILIPPINE GREEN PAGES will be published annually. The official release of the first edition is on November 12, 2010.