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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Company manufacturing the product complies with the environmental standards and regulations mandated by the regulating bodies of our country.
  2. Product to register can have one of these certifications: Type I, Type II, Type III ISO Environmental Labels, or other environmental labels
  3. Product uses locally produced and/or use local raw materials to minimize transportation cost; consequently, reducing green house gas emissions.
  • Purpose ( which environmental issue is addressed)
    • Prevents Global Warming

    • Air/Water/Soil pollution prevention

    • Chemical substance reduction

    • Waste reduction
    • Resource saving

  • Method (how does it address the environmental issue)
    • Recyclability/reusability/refillability
    • Long life
    • Degradability/composability
    • High quality/performance
    • Energy saving
    • Environmental clean-up products
    • Using recycled materials